Winchester Ecumenical Novena 2017 

Placeholder image/ Winchester Cathedral/ Holy Sepulchre Chapel Maundy Thursday

Gallery of TKC prayer images from across the deanery to follow: please email your photos here

The Winchester Listing

Your invitation to Prayer & Worship ‘Events’ across Winchester area’s church communities during 9 days of prayer together - listing to follow soon

TKC Winchester Deanery prayer


v Brew a Prayer:
ne idea being picked up across the Winchester deanery is to pray as we brew up a hot drink. Special TKC tea bags are being made in some churches (with prayer stapled onto tea-bag tag). TKC tea parties and coffee mornings are forming a focus for prayer in places, and of course just simply sharing a prayer and cuppa with friends. 

v Grow a Prayer:
The congregations of Winchester St Bartholomew, St Lawrence, and St Swithun above Kingsgate are being encouraged to 'Grow a Prayer’. From Ascension Day to Pentecost a board will stand in all three churches with a drawing of a tree, with roots and bare branches. By the side will be a basket of coloured leaves on which we are encouraging people to write a single word,a prayer of gratitude or a need, and to pin it to the tree, at the Sunday services on 28th May. The boards will be on display all week for more prayers to be added by congregation or visitors to the churches, and at the Wednesday services too. On Pentecost Sunday the prayers will be offered up and perhaps the boards placed by the altars.

v TKC Novena Prayer around the deanery:

St Paul’s, Winchester:
Church open all day with TKC prayer stations in church; morning and evening prayer each day.

St Bartholomew, St Lawrence, and St Swithun above Kingsgate: 
28th May, TKC prayer card will be handed out at the Sunday services to be used during the week. 29th May 30th May The Benefice prayer group to meet for prayer in the lady chapel of St Bartholemews at 11am - all welcome. Julian Group to meet at 2.30pm. These churches also hope to brew a prayer and grow a prayer (see above)

St Faith, St Cross Winchester: 
'Compline for the Novena of Prayer’, Thursday 1st June at 7.30pm

Lower Dever Benefice: 
There will be publicity in the weekly church noticesheet and a prayer card members of the congregation can take homeFor wider church supporters please see the three church Facebook pages and the daily prayer suggestion offered there during the novena.

The Worthys and Upper Dever community churches:
 As a group of churches we will be aiming to pray for 15 minutes 5 times a day at times when we might have a drink – ‘brew a prayer!’ The planned venues and times are as follows:
7am - Early morning – at home over an early morning cuppa

9am - Morning prayer at Kings Worthy
12 noon – St Mary’s Chapel, Kings Worthy
4pm – Prayer at tea time – Stoke Charity
8.30pm – Prayer over a pint – different pubs in the area! 
Kings Worthy
Stoke Charity
Please keep an eye out for further information: prompts on prayer topics, and for venues for pub prayers. And as it’s half term, we’re planning some family friendly opportunities too

Christ Church, Winchester:  Prayer space in the apse with TKC Prayer Stations throughout the 9 days. Sunday Services on 28thth May focus on prayer for evangelism. Possible 24hr prayer event starting evening of Thursday 25 May and including an all-church prayer meeting.  Encouraging people to set an alarm at midday every day to remember to stop and pray, wherever they are, for their pray-for-5 people and say the Lord ’s Prayer. Also encouraging TKC prayer in small groups and at home in families.

The Benefice of Twyford, Owslebury, Morestead and Colden Common:
will be holding a Julian Prayer session on Tuesday 23rd May 10am in St Mary’s Twyford.

v TKC Novena Prayer at Winchester Cathedral:  
- TKC Prayer Stations: From 25th May - 4th June there will be Interactive Prayer Stations for TKC, in the Lady Chapel at the East end of the Cathedral. Access from 8:30am - 6:30pm.
- Tea at 3:  On 15th May, come along to Winchester Cathedral’s monthly tea gathering and find out more from Katie Lawrence about how you can join in the TKC prayer through Brew a Prayer.  Tea at 3 is held at the Refectory, £2.50pp on the door to include tea and scone. 
- Saturday 3rd June: Tents on the Green - see details here
- Sunday 4th June: The TKC Pentecost Beacon Event - see details here

To include TKC plans for your church or community on The Listing via this page,
or if  you would like help with any other resources or information
please email TKC Winchester Novena coordinators:
Katie LawrenceSarah McClellandCliff McClellan and Jen Holder

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